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Green Lane Motorcycle Oil Change

Green Lane Oil Change Services – No Appointment Needed!

Ride in and we’ll get your Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle new engine oil and a fresh filter. With Synthetic and Non- Synthetic options, we have black and chrome filter options to dress up your engine.

Harley-Davidson – $130

Indian Motorcycle – $160


We have a large variety of brake pads ranging from organic to sintered materials to improve the stopping power of your motorcycle.

Accessory Install Options

Including; Seats and backrests, heated handgrips, audio, wheels, and trike conversions, just to name a few.

The 2 Boss Performance parts department is here to help with all your motorcycle parts needs. Whether you’re looking to equip your bike for a long touring trip, carve some twisty backcountry roads, or even daily commute accessories we’ve got you covered. We carry all genuine factory replacement parts & accessories for Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, and Zero motorcycles.

Looking for aftermarket parts or accessories? We are also a licensed dealer for many aftermarket parts & accessories from Drag Specialties, Tucker Motorsports, Kuryakyn, Rush Performance, Vic Baggers, S&S Cycle, Rinehart Racing Exhausts, D&D Performance Exhausts, Horsepower Inc. and Western Powersports just to name a few.


Your motorcycle has a thousand pieces. All of them work together in their own way. All of them do their part. But only two of them actually touch the ground. No matter how much power your bike produces or how much style it majestically exudes, it is your motorcycle tires, and your motorcycle tires alone, that keeps you in contact with the road. With that in mind, it is ultra-important that when selecting the best motorcycle tires for your ride, you know not only what is available, but also the benefits, possibilities, and limitations of each.

Motorcycle Tire Basics:

In looking at motorcycle tires, there are a ton of terms to consider. For new riders or seasoned ones with little tire experience, the plethora of options and info can at first seem overwhelming. Once you break it down to the basics, however, the search for the best motorcycle tires for your bike and riding style gets a bit easier.


This is the part that is at the forefront of most people’s minds. In short, the tread is a general term that denotes the surface of your motorcycle tires that comes in contact with the road. Tread patterns can vary greatly. From zero tread on race slicks to aggressive knobby tread for motocross. Tread patterns help denote the tire’s specific application. They can also indicate the tire’s handling characteristics, as well as how well dirt and water are evacuated.


Less well-known than the tread, the bead of a motorcycle tire is the portion that is directly touching the wheel. Consisting of a steel “bead wire” and a section of “bead filler,” the tire bead provides a stiff foundation for the sidewall and prevents your tires from slipping off of the rim.


The carcass of a motorcycle tire can be seen as the foundation, skeleton, or HTML code upon which the rest of the tire is built. The carcass will come in one of two forms: radial or bias-ply. Each of these terms simply refers to how the guts of the tire are constructed. Radial motorcycle tires utilize steel reinforcing belts placed perpendicular to the bead and underneath the carcass, while bias-ply employ cords of fiber running diagonally from bead to bead.


The sidewall is a portion of the tire that doesn’t get credit where credit is due, but it is integrally important to performance, handling and longevity. The sidewall of your motorcycle tire is the portion between the bead and the tread that supports the tire carcass and dictates how much weight the tire can hold, the tire’s lean-angle, and it can even help add a bit of style to your ride. Options from classic white walls raised white lettering and vintage profiles are just a few of the ways a tire’s sidewall can jazz up your rubber. From sizing (height, profile, or aspect ratio), to the way your motorcycle receives feedback from the road itself, the sidewall is not to be overlooked.

ADV / Dual Sport Tires

Going both off-road and on requires a special set of motorcycle tires. When it comes to ADV / Dual Sport options, riders need to consider the amount of time that they intend to spend riding on the tarmac vs. the trail. Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycle tires are all constructed with a “street to trail” ratio in mind which determines aspects such as the tread pattern and carcass construction. Dual-sport and ADV tires run the gamut from 90% street and 10% trail to 90% dirt and 10% tarmac. Generally speaking, tires that are built for more of an off-road usage will have a more pronounced tread pattern with deeper grooves for gripping loose soil or gravel. Conversely, motorcycle tires that are designed to spend more time on the road will have smoother, shallower tread patterns and be constructed for longer miles on the tarmac.

Tires for Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle

When it comes to the right tires for your Harley or V-twin cruiser, it all comes down to longevity. These heavy-weights are designed to devour highway miles, and these tires are specially constructed to bear the wear and tear that comes with long hauls and heavy payloads. Depending on the year, make, and model of your ride, there is a wide variety of motorcycle tire options to keep in mind. We tend to favor Dunlop tires for their tried and true functionality price and performance.