Harley-Davidson Performance

Since the beginning performance has been 2 Boss’ goal. With years of experience backed by thousands of satisfied performance seeking customers, the company is growing into THEE target location to have your Harley-Davidson modified. From Ordering the correct parts to installing with painstaking accuracy, and finishing it with a beautiful efficient tune 2 Boss hangs its hat on the ability to accomplish your upgrade goals.

Our focus on using the best components have sent us searching around the mass of many aftermarket and factory options. After sifting through some excellent products and some underperforming claims of certain parts, we have nailed down the best parts for the job. We have a substantial focus on using S&S performance parts. Our relationship with S&S Cycles goes back many years and we stand behind all of their products with factual confidence. We also stand behind numerous other brands that have impressed us and shown solid build quality.

To 2 Boss Performance, horsepower isn’t the only aspect of having a good performing motorcycle. A bike that handles and stops is just as important. We install a range of high-end suspension components from SuperShox to Ohlins to Progressive.

Our services range from basic service to complete custom in house engine builds. If you would like to swap an S&S crate 143” into your new bike or have a routine 30k mile service we can perform either with passion and exactness. Our services include:


  • Grind valves
  • R&R valve guides
  • R&R valve seat
  • Repair damaged spark plug threads
  • Bead blasting
  • Head and cylinder reconditioning Evo, Twin cam, Evo SL, Buell
  • CC heads, calculate compression
  • Set valve spring pack
  • Machine for compression releases
  • Cut/Relieve chambers for increased chamber volume


  • Skim cut head and base gasket surfaces to true
  • Bore Cylinders
  • Hone Cylinders
  • Torque plate and measure cylinders
  • Ball hone and deglaze cylinders

General Machining

  • Bore engine cases
  • Hone connecting rods
  • Bore
  • Evo breather gear hole
  • Install Helicoil or Timesert
  • Relief cases for high lift cam
  • Rebuild flywheel assembly
  • Bore carburetor
  • Install Timken bearing sleeve
  • Weld and true flywheel assembly
  • Replace wrist pin bushings
  • Fly cut pistons for valve clearance with high lift cam

Indian Motorcycle Performance

Our newest addition to 2 Boss performance, is exploring and developing the best options for your Indian Motorcycle. From before the introduction of the 116, we have been trying to get the most out of these bikes. We have seen some of the biggest gains over the factory then anyone out there. Thunderstroke engines as well as the very robust Scout platform. Superchargers to nitrous systems have been installed on these bikes to test the strength and durability. Whether you will be hitting the drag strip, racing from stoplight to stoplight, or flat tracking we can build something for you.

With Indian being so advanced with their electronics it is easy to get left behind as they advance. We stay up to date with constant training and are equipped with 3 high-level Indian Mechanics. See our attached graphs for some horsepower increases we have seen before and after tuning. Indian provides some nice upgrades with their stage 1-2-3 kits. Extensive time has been put into building custom maps for tuning as well as countless hours of hands-on mechanical testing.