When it comes to servicing your Royal Enfield, we have everything you need. Four of our mechanics have been expertly trained at Royal Enfield North American headquarters for all current models of Royal Enfield’s. This training includes complete tear downs to engine rebuilding. Although Royal Enfield has had a recent reputation for reliability, hitting your service intervals is just as important as any other brand. We have all specialty-tools required to perform any service that may be needed.

If it’s a job as routine as a 500-mile service or as complex as replacing engine components, we can provide any of these services with confidence. A glance at these charts can give you reference as to whether your bike needs a service yet, based on Royal Enfield’s service intervals.

650 Twins / Himalayan

300 Miles

3000 Miles

6000 Miles

9000 Miles

12,000 Miles

UCE Singles / Continental GT

300 Miles

2000 Miles

3750 Miles

6000 Miles

8500 Miles

As well as regular service options we do perform performance work on Royal Enfields as well. We predict the future of Royal Enfield holds great potential in the aftermarket industry. S&S cycles is already pouring lots of research and development into performance accessories. With the constantly increasing level of quality that we are seeing from the Royal Enfield brand, this means a lot to the motorcycle community. We hope to combine this with our ability to provide RE service and start making some cool bikes soon. Feel free to call us to inquire more about what the service entails as well as scheduling an appointment!