Grind valves
R&R valve guides
R&R valve seat
Repair damaged spark plug threads
Bead blasting
Head and cylinder reconditioning Evo, Twin cam, Evo SL, Buell
CC heads, calculate compression
Set valve spring pack
Machine for compression releases
Cut/Relieve chambers for increased chamber volume


Skim cut head and base gasket surfaces to true
Bore Cylinders
Hone Cylinders
Torque plate and measure cylinders
Ball hone and deglaze cylinders


Bore engine cases
Hone connecting rods
Evo breather gear hole
Install helicoil or timesert
Relief cases for high lift cam
Rebuild flywheel assembly
Bore carburetor
Install Timken bearing sleeve
Weld and true flywheel assembly
Replace wristpin bushings
Fly cut pistons for valve clearance with high lift cam